Cancellation Policy

  1. Cancellation Period: Cancellation of the order must be done within 24 Hours of placing the order and if the order is shipped within 24 Hours then the company will be responsible to refund the amount after receiving the returned product from the customer and The customer must mention the reason for cancelling order before they have been shipped.
  2. Cancellation Process: Cancellation of order can be done through the website before it is confirmed and once it is confirmed and shipped then it has to be done through the Customer care number or through the Email within the time mentioned on the Cancellation period or follow a specific procedure on the website
  3. Exceptions: Cancellation is not allowed after 7 days of delivering the order.
  4. Legal Disclaimer: The cancellation policy is subject to change and that the website reserves the right to update it as necessary.
  5. Contact Information: Customer can contact for customer support so and can reach out with any questions or concerns about cancellations.

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